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AIT: Auditory Integration Training

Berard AIT is a method of auditory training that was developed by Dr. Guy Berard, a French ENT, who originally trained with Dr. Tomatis. Participants use headphones to comfortably listen to unique auditory stimulation in conjunction with the music of jazz, reggae, and light rock for two half-hours a day for 10 days (each listening is separated by at least 3 hours). Results have been found to help to reorganize the brain to improve and enhance auditory processing and sensory stimulation so the brain no longer becomes overloaded with disorganized information. Children with significant auditory sensitivity, as well as sensory hypersensitivity, such as tactile defensiveness, hypersensitivity to movement, and language deficits, have been found to demonstrate significant improvements after going through the AIT method.


The Berard AIT method is used to augment and increase listening, language, sensory, cognitive, and social skills.

• Increased auditory processing

• Increased / improved speech and language / communication skills

• Enhanced sensory processing skills

• Decreased auditory hypersensitivity

• Improved self-regulation

• More organized motor planning skills

• Increased attention span

• Better social skills and socialization

• Provides empowerment and self-confidence

• Fosters the use of both sides of the brain by using the left side for verbal processing and writing and the right side primarily for the nonverbal expression

• Increases awareness of self and others

• Improved visual-spatial processing and eye-hand coordination

• Increased fine motor skills

• Improved tactile processing

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Benefits of AIT:

Auditory stimulus is a powerful tool. Learn more about how it may be used for great benefits.

AIT training at Totaly Sense-sational:

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