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The I (Individual differences) part of the Model describes the unique biologically based ways each child takes in, respond to, and comprehends sensations such as sound, touch, and plans and sequences actions and ideas.


The Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship-based model (DIR®)—also referred to as Floortime™ —was developed by child psychiatrist Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D. and psychologist Serena Wieder, Ph.D.


The DIR®/Floortime™ Model helps children and families with special needs to “build healthy foundations for social, emotional and intellectual capacities”. Floortime™ is a specific technique to both follow the child’s natural emotional interests and at the same time challenge the child to a greater mastery of each developmental level and movement to higher ones.


The D (Developmental) part of the model is made up of 6 levels. DIR® recognizes six stages of development and works to mobilize the child’s emerging developmental capacities while recognizing that emotional-relational or affective interactions harness and propel a child’s interest, motivation and spontaneity.

• Self-regulate and learn how to attend and remain calm

form relationships with others with engagement and attachment to others

• Initiate and respond to all types of communication, beginning with emotional and social gestures

• Engage in shared social problem-solving involving many interactions in a row

• Use ideas to communicate needs and think and play creatively

• Mix ideas together to think logically to enjoy peer relationships and master academic skills.

The DIR / Floortime model helps your child through six stages of development, progressively building a strong foundation for social interaction.

These 6 levels assist the child to:

The I (Individual Differences)

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Helping your child develop proper social interaction skills

The R (Relationship-Based) part of the Model describes the learning relationships (with caregivers, educators, peers, etc.) that are tailored to the child’s individual differences and developmental level to enable progress in mastering these essential foundations.


In helping to resolve developmental issues, affect and dynamic relationships become the fuel that drives and intensifies the motivation behind any learning process. The result: learning is propelled naturally and spontaneously, sparking a love and excitement of being related to others and investigating with security the world around them. This leads to an excitement and intrigue for problem solving. Learning becomes self-initiated, and spontaneous pursuit of relationships and learning challenges becomes self-motivated.


Our therapists at Totaly Sense-Sational work with our parents to construct a program tailored to the child’s uniqueness. We emphasize the critical role of parents (and other family members and support staff) because of the importance of their emotional relationships with the child. Our treatment approach also often includes additional sensory-motor and speech-language programs. At this time, all of our DIR®/Floortime™ therapy is done on site although there are times warranted when a therapist may do one home visit to assess, educate, and establish a program for the family.

The R (Relationship-Based)

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