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Regarding Chloe

"There are not too many times in your life when you realize you are in the midst of a significant life-changing event. When my daughter started Tomatis® at Totaly Sense-Sational, I knew it within days. Our family was in a daily struggle with frustration caused by difficulty in communication. Through Tomatis®, we have watched our daughter become more self-sufficient, agile, confident and most importantly, happy. Just reflecting on our experience fills me with pride and positive emotion. Our family's experience at Totaly Sense-Sational has impacted us so profoundly that it feels difficult to convey in just words." - Chris C., Proud Father or Chloe

"Since starting at Totaly Sense-Sational, my daughter Mia has made incredible progress.  Her body and spatial awareness have improved immensely, as well as her core strength and fine motor skills.  The therapists are so encouraging, energetic and kind that my daughter doesn't want to leave after her sessions.  Not only has their total sensory approach helped her make gains in her OT goals, it has helped her language improve as well.  I am incredibly grateful for everything they have done for my daughter."


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Regarding Mia

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"A developmental pediatrician wanted to start medicating our daughter for anxiety but we were not okay with that until we had done everything we could to find out what was causing the anxiety. Our regular pediatrician recommended Jodie because she felt that with my daughter's sensory processing issues she would do better at a more personalized OT. In about 6 months my daughter went from suffering through her daily life to actually enjoying life like every 3 year old should. Jodie gave us our daughter back."