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Therapeutic Listening™

Therapeutic Listening™ Therapeutic Listening™ is an individualized home-based program to help clients enhance their listening and attention to and communication with the world around them in a more meaningful way. This program uses sound stimulation in combination with sensory integrative treatment techniques, emphasizing vestibular stimulation and postural and movement strategies to support those with:

  • Sensory modulation and self-regulation deficits (both under and overreactivity to sensory input)
  • Auditory processing problems
  • Vestibular processing problems
  • Visual-spatial deficits
  • Handwriting issues

Therapeutic Listening™ is a technique approach that combines sound-based stimulation programs with sensory integrative treatment techniques. The entire Therapeutic Listening™ technique, including Modulation, EaSe, and SOMONAS CD’s, were developed by occupational therapists Shelia Frick, OTR/L and Colleen Hacker, OTR/L through the use of electronically altered music. The altered music integrates a number of electronically altered compact discs, based on some of the ideas and technology created by Alfred Tomatis, Guy Berard, and Ingo Steinbach, within a Sensory Integrative frame of reference.

The sound stimulation used in Therapeutic Listening™ is designed to set up the nervous system and prepare it for emergent skills. For example, listening difficulties (i.e. the ability to accurately perceive, process, and respond to sounds) are often a part of other perceptual, motor, attention, and learning difficulties. Listening is a function of the entire brain and the whole body. Therefore, it is generally critical to provide specific postural, movement, and respiratory activities as part of a program. Gaining postural organization (midline orientation, co-contraction, and bilateral integration) facilitates changes in movement, attention, and helps sensory modulation to become integrated into daily life.

Individual listening programs are created by a therapist trained in Therapeutic Listening™. At this time most of our therapists are trained in not only Therapeutic Listening but Advanced Listening with the Whole Body. Our intensive home listening program is created based on an individual’s needs, goals, and objectives; the choice of music and type of modulation, as well as listening times and accompanying individualized activity programs varies according to the treatment goals for the client.

Therapeutic Listening™ Possible Areas of Clinical Outcomes with Therapeutic Listening™

  • Decreased tactile hypersensitivity or defensiveness
  • Decreased oral hypersensitivity with increased exploration and acceptance of different foods
  • Improved self-regulatory behavior such as:
    • more regulated sleep-wake cycle
    • more regulated hunger-thirst cycle
    • more regulated suck-swallow-breathe
    • more regulated respiratory control
  • Decreased stress
  • Improved balance & coordination of movement
  • Increased postural organization
  • Improved bilateral motor patterns
  • “Emergence” of motor planning
  • Improved spatial temporal organization
  • Improved handwriting
  • Increased visual-motor skills
  • Increased and more elaborate social interactions, with better “timing”
  • Components of communication improved with greater range of non-verbal communication and improved/clearer articulation
  • Greater emotional and verbal expression
  • Improvements in pragmatic language