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Dr. Tomatis theorized that many of the behavioral and communicative characteristics observed in children with developmental and learning difficulties and those on the autism spectrum are not actually the root causes of the disorder, but are only symptoms based on underlying biologically based regulatory disorders.


The inner ear (the vestibular-cochlear system) is one of the earliest sensory symptoms to develop in utero and completes its development well before most other sensory organs. Because of its primary position in the developmental process, it develops and maintains connections with the rest of the emerging nervous system.


Sound stimulation offers an opportunity to influence many areas of function, including gross motor, fine motor, visual processing, auditory process, attention, and speech and language

Tomatis® Method

The Tomatis® Method is a system of sound stimulation and audio-vocal training developed by Dr. Alfred Tomatis, a French ear, nose and throat specialist.


The goal of the Tomatis® Method is to improve the functioning of the ear, especially as it is involved in listening, understanding and communication. In addition, it also facilitates increased:


• Postural functions, including increased muscle tone, balance, fine motor skills, etc.

• Auditory processing

• Expressive and receptive language

• Organizational abilities

• Attention and focusing

• Communication and social skills

• Regulatory behaviors, i.e. eating, sleep wake cycles, bowel-bladder cycles

• Vestibular processing

Tomatis® involves “re-education” of the way we listen. These postulates facilitate developing and enhancing the above skills such as:


• Listening-Attending: taking in information

• Learning-Reading: spelling language based information

• Language abilities (receptive and expressive)

• Organizational Abilities based on motor planning

• Communication Skills (2-way)

• Social Behavior

Developed by Dr. Alfred Tomatis, his method works to improve the functioning of the ear, leading to profound benefits for your child.


Development and enhancement

Utilize the power of sound in hearing development with our professional therapists.

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The use of Tomatis® can be employed in the treatment of physical, attention, learning, and communication disorders including:


• Autistic Spectrum Disorders

• Auditory Processing Disorders

• Attention Deficit Disorder

• Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

• Learning Disabilities

• Sensory Integration Disorders

• Organizational Disorders

• Developmental Disorders

• Attachment Disorders

• Communication Disorders including Selective Mutism

• Mood disorders, anxiety, depression


The Tomatis® program can begin when an individual is at least 17 months old and well into adulthood. The child / adult listens on specially designed headphones (with bone and air conduction) to the music of Mozart and Gregorian Chant; eventually the mother's voice is used to help facilitate increased engagement and language because this is the primary voice the fetus heard in utero.


The Tomatis® program is administered in 33 two-hour sessions of listening consisting of filtered and unfiltered music and speech. Sessions are conducted seven days a week in the following three phases:


• 13-day intensive followed by a 4-6 week break

• 10-day intensive followed by a 4-6 week break

• 10-day intensive followed by a 4-6 week break

Tomatis® Pregnancy Program

Hearing is the first sense to be fully developed in the fetus. By the 18th week of pregnancy, the human ear is fully developed and functional. According to Tomatis, the nine months in the womb is a crucial time not only for physical development, but also for psychological development. The perception of the mother's voice is the very first bond of communication with the world and can help influence one's experience with the rest of the world. Dr. Tomatis developed a special program for pregnant women to help enhance prenatal communication between mother and child.


Pregnant woman using the Tomatis® Method benefit from:

• Extensive body relaxation

• A reduction of fear of childbirth

• Better and deeper sleep

• More energy

• A reduction in the length of labor


Children of mothers who have completed the Tomatis® pregnancy program:

• Are more relaxed, even-tempered and well-adjusted

• Have better sleeping patterns & tend to sleep through the night earlier

• Are more social

• Are more communicative, and speak earlier and better

• Have increased strength, muscle tone, and enhanced motor skills

• Have increased attention span

• Show less fear and cry less than other children of the same age

The TALKS UP Method!

New Tomatis® Product - The TALKS UP

The TALKS UP is a small portable device, which was engineered by Tomatis® Development with "TOMATIS® Effect Music."


TALKS UP is a way to offer an alternative to people who are looking for solutions to improve their life - communication, listening, attention, focus and decrease stress - in the home and clinic. With the TALKS UP, individuals who may not be able participate in  a full [SI/OT] TOMATIS® program in a clinic setting, can now receive the full Tomatis Method at home. This Method would be beneficial for those who:

• Live far away, either because of the distance or by lack of accessibility

• Have time restrictions (work, school, etc.) and cannot easily come or bring their children to the center/clinic

• Are physically incapable of coming to the center

• Already have done a full program in the center and are interested in doing an ongoing program at home without all the constraints of coming back to the center

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